Much like teaching foreign languages, piano lessons can also be taught in groups.
In my practice as a piano teacher, I tend to work with small groups of 4-5 students above the age of six.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Feeling Motivated For Daily Practice at Home

The positive aspects of group piano lessons, compared to private piano lessons are:

The students in a group are aware that both their teacher and the rest of the group will know whether they have practiced or not.

That serves as motivation to continue practicing every day and learning the piano plays in the best way possible.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Developing a Competitive Spirit

Every person loves to be the first to be praised for his or her accomplishments. This is especially true for children.

Being complimented in front of others adds more validity to a compliment, compared to receiving it one-on-one.

Those studying in groups are aware that their knowledge will be assessed together with everybody else in the end of each lesson.

That encourages them to be more concentrated during the lesson, to participate actively and to give proper answers.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Progressing Faster

When the students are more than one, the number of questions also increases.

Whether it has been planned prior the lesson or not, the students encounter much more new terminology as well as topics for discussion.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Curing the Stage Fright

During group activities, the students perform plays in front of the rest of the class which mimics what happens in a small concert.

The students quickly get used to performing in front of an audience and an important stage performance becomes just as enjoyable.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Developing the Ability to Count on Oneself & Becoming a Self-starter

When students are aware that the teacher is right next to them in any given moment, they often get a little spoiled.

They are waiting for the right answer to be given by the teacher, rather than to discover it on their own.

However, with group lessons, the attention given by the teacher rotates and spreads amongst all of the students.

That gives them a reason to start on their own before asking for assistance.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Building Confidence

Students that practice speaking and playing in front of larger audiences learn how to behave with more confidence and to feel at ease in public.
The habits they build translate later on in their life when they speak publicly; they support their social skills and personal development.

Уроци по пиано с Марина Кирова

Increasing Concentration

It is easy to concentrate when you are by yourself with just one person in a quiet private atmosphere.

However, when you learn to concentrate while you are surrounded by many people – this is Gold!

Group students, only after a short stay in a group, learn how to isolate background noises, sounds and movements, which are of no benefit.

Their ability to concentrate continues once they start playing on stage.

It becomes easy for them to remain absorbed in music and the audience gratifies them with the loudest applauses.

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