Lessons for children and adults

When do children become adults and for how long adults carry the child within? It’s an invisible line. One that also does not exist in teaching, too. Piano lessons are suitable both for young people and for adults.

Treble clef: Note my dear, what brings you here?

Note: I`m here, for a music class near.
The stress it would cure, making me responsible and pure.
My will it will temper, concentration – make ampler.
Artist-ism and intellect develop in this
Math and Languages to learn I with ease.
In the concert hall before the public I stand often,
any roads in life I take on shall soften.

Treble clef: And to what instrument you have yourself devoted?

Note: For the Piano I have decidedly opted.

Treble clef: Tell me Note, what so interesting is?

Note: It is the Piano`s wide sound spectra, that mimic an entire grand orchestra.
The growl of bear I can hear, or the gentle bee`s buzz, dear.
Around the big Piano at home everyone gathers,
our family concert starts and only great fun matters.
It can accompany a violin or the singer,
play in a band wild, be the cosy bar`s music bringer.
To talk loud with the orchestra it can,
alone to weep or laugh in tempest as a mighty man.
The folk, the classics or the Opera, the jazz or other music flock,
can sound so beautiful on it, even does the rock.
Daily all my songs most orderly I practice,
once I learn them – satisfaction the reward is.
Handiness and memory it would amend,
awaken stays my mind under its fend .
When I am alone it is my company,
when sad – with sounds of melody – it gently fawns on me.
When I am happy, I would rush to tell it,
from notes that scatter to write a song fine and splendid!
Despite of how famous pianist I am set to become,
or if I just play for hobby and soul or some joy to come,
the Piano makes me love every hour,
fulfilled I find those days each enchanted with colour ,
me and my Piano – friends for life under the music glamour.

Treble clef: And the teacher, have you chosen one already?

Note: Experienced she must be, that is obvious, but also steady.
To have studied at the music school and conservatory,
be able to not only play, but also to master the whole music theory.
To tell it using simple speech,
during games we play unnoticeably to teach.
My attention to the lesson she must tie,
and when anything unclear come, to explain it with the widest smile
To speak English and German, foreign tongues,
should we decide to play and sing their songs.
For the classes never late to come,
and a car to drive, should I need her teach me home.
Big composers and their works must introduce to me,
organize some concerts and musical amusements where I could be.

Treble clef: Little Note, tell me, is there such a teacher?

Note: There is, there is! But I must go now, as my class is over.

Designed by Jiovani